Bruins-Penguins Eastern Conference Final Schedule

Here's the schedule for the first four games of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Bruins and Penguins.   Games 5-7 will be scheduled if/as needed. Three more days before Game 1. Feels like forever but the team could use some rest after this season's scheduling. We're glad Seids can get a chance to heal […]

Days of Y’Orr Pregame Show — Habs 3/27 (LIVE at 6:30 ET)

  Get ready for a tonight's edition of the Days of Y'Orr Pregame ShowLIVE. The show starts at 6:30pm ET. At around 6:15 pm we'll update this page with a live stream player below. How to Watch: Blog: Come back to this page at 6:30pm G+:… YouTube: Can't watch it live? No worries. The player will update […]

Agent: Horton’s healthy and ready to go

  According to Nathan Horton's agent, Horton is healthy and ready for the start of the NHL season… whenever the hell that'll be. From ProHockeyTalk: “Nathan is healthy and ready for the season to start,” Krepelka said. “Has been for a while now. He’s ready to go and has been ready to go.” Good to […]


I feel honored being able to write for Blackhawks Down Low, if only for today. So I’ve been given quite a large task, although I think I can pull it off. Andrew has asked me to inform the Blackhawks fan base the reasons to hate the Buffalo Sabres. Well I hope you have a good […]

Stupid Shootout. Bruins Lose.

Hard to be mad about a loss like this. Atlanta is a good time. Writing that sentence still feels weird, but they are. And the Bruins played a great game. Both teams did. Bruins put up 44 shots on Pavelec but he is solid. Both teams had their chances. This game feature fantastic back and […]

Game Day: Bruins vs. Thrashers – Last game of the year

Last game of 2010 for the Boston Bruins. It’s had its ups and downs. Team is finally righting the ship, so we’re excited to see the Bruins in 2011. First off: We need to apologize to one Mr. Tuukka Rask. We thought he would’ve started the other night since the Bruins played back-to-back games but Julien […]

Links and Other Fun Stuff

The Bruins are off today and not much is going on. We’re still talking about Mark Recchi’s heroics, whether or not the Lightning got hosed on that late boarding call last night, how awesome Tim Thomas is and how the Bruins are 2-0 so far on their 5-game road trip. Both games were close, but […]

Game Recap: Thank You Thomas and Recchi

It certainly says something about Tim Thomas’s endurance that he can come out and play as well as he did in back to back games.  We’re no goaltenders, but that seems like it would be hard enough to do with a defense that is playing well, nevermind the very average looking defensive play the Bruins […]

Happy Birthday to a Legend – #77

  December 28th, 1960, Raymond Jean Bourque exploded out of the womb, took the puck down the side boards and fired a hard slapper past the doctor to put the Bruins up 1-0. Maybe that is a slight exaggeration but we bet it went something like that. Yes, 50 years ago today the legend known […]

Game Day: Bruins vs. Lightning — Tuukka Rask? Who’s Tuukka Rask?

Umm… so some asshole named Tuukka Rask may start tonight. We’re not 100% sure.  In fact, we’re not 100% sure who Tuukka Rask is or what he looks like. We found his jersey tee in our closets this morning, so we must’ve known him at one time but for the life of us we can’t […]

Thomas Saves. Krejci Scores. Bruins Win.

    The Days of Y’Orr crew has been derailed by snow/stomach viruses. Patrice Purrgeron hasn’t been out of his litter box all day. This recap is going to look about as good as a New Jersey Devils game.   Bruins kicked off their five game road trip with a win. Thomas stole the win. […]

Catching up with Days of Y’Orr

Justin & Robb with Rene… and some Ice Girls We have the day off due to snow and/or previous planned days of off, so we thought we’d take this time to share some fun news and big news with you all. First off: We met the legendary man with the golden pipes, Mr. Rene Rancourt […]

Game Day: Bruins vs. Panthers — Snowed In

We just got in from shoveling our cars out of three feet of snow and we’re a bit pooped, so this preview might be lame. Bruins are the lucky ones being in warm and sunny Florida. We’re stuck in cold and snowy Boston. Whatevs. Bruins are coming off an emotional win against the Thrashers. Now […]

Milan Lucic fined $3,500 for being a BAMF

We’re assuming you’ve seen video of the Bruins-Thrashers brawl that took place on Christmas Eve Eve. If not, we’re not sure why you’re readying this blog. But just in case: Freddy Meyer threw an elbow at Milan Lucic’s head toward the end of the third period. The Bruins didn’t take kindly to Meyer, a brawl […]